Adobe Flex 3 with AIR Certification Exam

//Adobe Flex 3 with AIR Certification Exam

Adobe Flex 3 with AIR Certification Exam


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Adobe Flex 3 with AIR Certification Exam
These questions are similar to the ones asked in the actual Test.
How should I know? I know, because although I have been working as an Adobe Consultant for many years, I have myself recently certified with the latest version of the Certification test.
Before you start here are some Key features of the Certification Exam.
This certification exam verifies that the candidate has the knowledge required in the area of Adobe Flex 3 with AIR
This certificate builds on basic consultant skills and experience that is then refined by practical experience during several projects.
Candidates must also demonstrate understanding of how to create a User Interface, Flex system architecture and design, Programming with action script, Interfacing with data sources and servers and using Flex in Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).
The exam is Computer based and you have to answer 50 Questions and score 67%
The Questions are (mostly) multiple choice type and there is NO penalty for an incorrect answer.
Some of the Questions have more than one correct answer. You must get ALL the options correct for you to be awarded points.
For questions with a single answer, the answers will have a button next to them. You will be able to select only one button.
For questions with multiple answers, the answers will have a ‘tick box’ next to them. This allows you to select multiple answers.
You are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any Adobe system).
Clearing the Certification will not automatically lead you to a job.
However a Certification with some project experience will certainly open a lot of doors for you.
So if you have little or no experience, you should get yourself certified, get some project experience, and then the whole of the Adobe World open for you to explore.
Helping you with the first step on you ladder to success is this book!
Some UNIQUE features of this Book:
– There is NO Other quality material in the market for this Certification exam.
– The author has herself cleared the exam.
– All questions are multiple choice format, similar the questions you will get in the actual exam.
– Over 120 authentic questions, testing the exact same concepts that will be tested in Your exam!

  • Adobe Flex 3 with Air Certification Exam


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