CCNA v3 Lab Guide: Cisco Certification Labs

//CCNA v3 Lab Guide: Cisco Certification Labs

CCNA v3 Lab Guide: Cisco Certification Labs

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CCNA Lab Guide: Cisco Certification Labs is a step-by-step guide to configure, verify and troubleshoot network connectivity. The labs start from initial global configuration to more complex troubleshooting of routers and switches. There is coverage of all new topics including IPv6 addressing and WAN connectivity. Troubleshooting questions are a significant part of the CCNA exam. You will learn standard techniques required for troubleshooting and simulation questions. CCNA break/fix lab is included with multiple routing and switching errors to analyze and resolve. CCNA SIM Labs is now available for actual exam style questions.

Packet Tracer Fundamentals

1.0 Initial Device Configuration
Lab 1-1: Global Commands
Lab 1-2: System Management

2.0 Switching Technologies
Lab 2-1: Create VLANs
Lab 2-2: Access Ports
Lab 2-3: Static Trunking
Lab 2-4: EtherChannel
Lab 2-5: Rapid STP
Lab 2-6: PortFast
Lab 2-7: Root Bridge Selection
Lab 2-8: VLAN Trunking Protocol

3.0 Routing Technologies
Lab 3-1: IPv4 Addressing
Lab 3-2: Static Route
Lab 3-3: Default Route
Lab 3-4: Floating Static Route
Lab 3-5: Subnetting
Lab 3-6: Multi-Area OSPFv2
Lab 3-7: Multi-Area OSPFv3
Lab 3-8: EIGRP for IPv4
Lab 3-9: EIGRP for IPv6
Lab 3-10: RIPv2
Lab 3-11: Inter-VLAN Routing
Lab 3-12: External BGP (eBGP)

4.0 IPv6 Addressing
Lab 4-1: Link-Local
Lab 4-2: Autoconfiguration
Lab 4-3: Global Unicast
Lab 4-4: IPv6 Default Route

5.0 Infrastructure Security
Lab 5-1: Device Passwords
Lab 5-2: Port Security
Lab 5-3: Named ACL
Lab 5-4: Extended ACL-1
Lab 5-5: Extended ACL-2
Lab 5-6: DHCP Snooping

6.0 Infrastructure Services
Lab 6-1: Port Address Translation
Lab 6-2: Static NAT
Lab 6-3: Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

7.0 Device Management
Lab 7-1: Managing Switches
Lab 7-2: Managing Routers
Lab 7-3: Password Recovery
Lab 7-4: IOS Upgrade

8.0 Network Troubleshooting
Lab 8-1: Switch Interfaces
Lab 8-2: Trunking
Lab 8-3: Static Routing
Lab 8-4: EIGRP Neighbor Adjacency
Lab 8-5: EIGRP K Values
Lab 8-6: OSPF Timers
Lab 8-7: Access Control Lists (ACL)
Lab 8-8: Default Gateway
Lab 8-9: DHCP Server
Lab 8-10: PPP Authentication
Lab 8-11: Port Security
Lab 8-12: Router on a Stick
Lab 8-13: Remote Management
Lab 8-14: Traceroute
Lab 8-15: CCNA Break/Fix Lab

CCNA IOS Show Commands
IOS Configuration Reference


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