Eleventh Hour Linux+: Exam XK0-003 Study Guide

//Eleventh Hour Linux+: Exam XK0-003 Study Guide

Eleventh Hour Linux+: Exam XK0-003 Study Guide

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Eleventh Hour Linux+: Exam XK0-003 Study Guide offers a practical guide for those preparing for the Linux+ certification exam.
The book begins with a review of important concepts that are needed for successful operating system installation. These include computer hardware, environment settings, partitions, and network settings. The book presents the strategies for creating filesystems; different types of filesystems; the tools used to create filesystems; and the tools used to administer filesystems. It explains the Linux boot process; how to configure system and user profiles as well as the common environment variables; and how to use BASH command line interpreter.
The remaining chapters discuss how to install, configure, support, and remove applications; the configuration of Linux as a workstation and as a server; securing the Linux system; and common tools for managing a system. Each chapter includes information on exam objectives, exam warnings, and the top five toughest questions along with their answers.

  • Fast Facts quickly review fundamentals
  • Exam Warnings highlight particularly tough sections of the exam
  • Crunch Time sidebars point out key concepts to remember
  • Did You Know? sidebars cover sometimes forgotten details
  • Top Five Toughest Questions and answers help you to prepare

  • Used Book in Good Condition


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